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Welcome to the CIIS Learning Space, CAUCUS!

Do I belong here?
This course space and conference center is utilized for CIIS classes that have been designated in the class schedule as both Online and Caucus. You must be registered for an online Caucus class in order to gain access to this site. Online courses are indicated in the “Day & Time” and “Location” sections in each semester's CIIS class schedule.

Your Caucus user account will be manually created by Online Coordinator staff upon confirming your registration for an Online Caucus course, usually within 2-3 business days. If you are unable to log-in after this time, contact for assistance.

Before You Login to Caucus for the First Time
After registering for an Online Caucus course, please download the Caucus Getting Started Guide (pdf). It is also accessible through MyCIIS, our CIIS Student Portal, at Click on the Academics Tab, and locate the document under the Student Forms and Documents area. This document will provide you with information on your user name and password and instructions on how to log-in for the first time. Please read this over completely before you log in to Caucus. It will answer many of your questions!

We also encourage all students to click on the Learning Center Demo link for an online demonstration with audio. It contains a step by step overview that should be very helpful.

Logging In
Once your registration is confirmed and your user account has been created, you may log-in to Caucus for the first time. Enter your user name and password and you will be taken to the CIIS Learning Center home page. Students immediately have access to the common non-class spaces in Caucus, such as the Café, the Library, and the Help Desk.

However, please note that access to your Class Spaces will not start until the first day of classes, after 10am PDT, unless otherwise indicated by your program. Once classes have begun, your class site link will appear under the My Courses area, or depending on your course access, under the My Conferences area.

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